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Product and Furniture Design



Dot to Date on Dezeen and @ The Temporium

Well, the lovely chaps and chapettes at Dezeen have taken it upon themselves to write a piece on Dot to Date. Check it out here!



Dot to Date stop motion

I've just put the finishing touches to the new Stop motion animation of Dot to Date. Check it out below and buy it here!




Dotting around the Design Festival

Dot to Date probably saw more of the London Design festival than most as it was taken around by the bubbly Emma Elizabeth of the designvlog.com. See it being lovingly put to good use at aroud 2:45



Dot to Date back in Stock

No need to say anything more, just pop along to our store.



Dot to Date is of to Shanghai

Chuffed to bits is a phrase that comes to mind. Dot to Date was chosen by the LDA to show at the Shanghai Expo.



Dot to Dating it all over again

All the bits and peices have arrived for the new, bigger batch of Dot to Date for Christmas this year.

By our calculations it should take us about 4,500 minutes to assemble all the packs. Better get started then...should probably finish that Christmas cake too.



Dot to Date nominated for two awards.

In the Sixth annual Hidden Art Award, Dot to Date is up for two awards, one for product development and one for most successful e-shop product, which is amazing as it has only been on the market for 3 months. So thanks to everyone who has bought one.



Thanks a doodle bunch

Dot to Date has been such a great success, selling out completely. If you missed your chance this year, don't worry, we'll be printing up another batch ready for Christmas next year. I can't believe I'm think about Christmas next year when we still have half a Christmas cake to eat.



Doodle Off is off to a flying start

Steven (www.secondshot.co.uk) and Ting get bonus points for getting the Doodle Off off to a fantastic start with this fantasic Independance Day alien invasion scene.

January and November - Ting Lai

There are still pleanty of cards left, so, if you'd like to take part click here to drop me an email. Remeber to include your name and address and we'll send the cards out within a day or two.



Dot to Date - Stuff's Christmas Gift Guide



500 Dot to Dates sold

Today was the day that our 500th Dot to Date was ordered so we're giving ourselves a pat on the back and eating cake and tea. That sadly means we've sold out for the moment, but if you hurry you can still buy Dot to Date from one of our stockists. Check them out here.



Dot to Date Doodle Off - how creative can you get

How creative can you get with Dot to Date? If you'd like to take part in the Dot to Date Send Away click here for details



Dot to Date @ Clerkenwell Tales

This new little indie bookshop on Exmouth Market is the newest retailer of Dot to Date. Head on over there to check out their wicked cool range of Books and cards. If you're visiting Clerkenwell Takes on market day have a wander round and grabsome cake or cheese or pastries too.



Dot to Date - Guardian's Christmas gift guide



Dan Drinks smoothies, becomes overwhelmed by giant Tomato Pacman



Dot to Date @ RIBA Bookshops

The bookshop at the Royal institute of British Architects is now also selling Dot to Date alongside the swathes of wonderful achitectural and design publications. They've got a cafe there to so you can sit down and dot each day to the next however you like and have a cookie. Perfect.



Dot to Date @ Fabrications

Fabrications, the ethically led, contemporary textile and design shop run by Barley Massey is now stocking Dot to Date. So take a trip down (or up) to Broadway market, grab a sandwhich in Bouche and check out her Aladin's cave of fantastic crafty things.



Dot to Date @ Concrete Hermit

Concrete Hermit is now also selling Dot to Date. They produce books, T-shirts and prints in collaboration with artists, so you know where to go for something original. They've also got a gallery showcasing the work of artists whose work fits in and around and between the fields of illustration, graphic design and fine art.



The big one zero zero

Dot to Date has sold well over 100 units in it's first month. It's exciting news so we thought we'd tell everyone. Now where's that celebratory orange juice.



Dot to Date @ Magma

The wonderful art and design orientated bookshop, Magma is now selling Dot to Date just in time for Christmas. Head on over to their stores, packed full to the brim of books, magazines and other unique products to have a look for yourselves.



Ooo...Homes and Property

We, the Hidden Art Select 09' lot, had some fantastic launch publicity, as our faces and products were splashed over the front and middle pages of the Evening Standard's Homes and Property. We even made fleeting appearences on the London Underground advertising screens.



Welcome to the New Site, please wipe your feet

It's taken a while but things have finally fallen into place and the new site is up and running with a couple of new projects. Most notably Dot to Date - a dot to dot calendar, which you can read more about here and buy from here. There are also those projects that can't be talked about...not just yet anyway but we'll stick them up here when we can.

Anyway, enjoy the site and the content and if you have any comments, questions, enquiries or if you've spotted a (shudder) mistake, don't hesitate to call or email.



Dot to Date at the Gallery@Oxo. You're all invited.

Dot to Date is launching in a weeks time at the gallery@Oxo as part of Hidden Art's 'Transforming Passion into Products' exhibition. Entry is free and there is plenty or other fantastic things to see.



Dot to Date at the Dock

Dot to Date will be appearing at the Hidden Art stand at The Dock - "an emporium of creative talent instigated by Tom Dixon".

See who else will be appearing at the Hidden Art stand.



Another Innocent Commision with Holly Cocker

(The one they didn't choose 'cause we can't reaveal the ones they did choose yet).

Once again Innocent required some original, quirky and fun Veg art for their Veg pots and we were only too happy to oblige.



Dot to Date is Packed and ready to go

Dot to Date is all packed up and ready for it's photoshoot, launch and first orders.  Who wants one?

buy them here



Last meeting

That's it. The last development meeting.  Here is a teaser of Dot to Date



Dot to Date is Done and Dusted

It's been a good few months of tweaking and organisation inbetween doing my other bits and pieces but in the last couple of weeks it's all been signed off and I've just been to Calverts to pick up the postcards, which look awesome. It's just a matter of waiting for the boxes to arrive, collating all the postcards and then it'll be all ready to go.



All ready to go, nearly

After quite a bit of experimentation we came up with a box design that could transform into a picture frame, so you could proudly display your Dot to Date creations on your desk or wall.  The only problem was finding a manufacture who was willi ng to make it for a good price and small-ish numbers.  We finally found Easypack.uk.com so it's allmost ready to go, just a few design kinks to iron out with them along with perfecting the Dot to Date cards.



Dot to Date update

Papersamples are coming out of our ears but we've finally settled on a lovely 100% recycled paper from the London based www.paperback.coop.  It's called Cairn Straw and is lovely and 'toothy'.  We've also found our printers - www.calverts.coop helpful people who are happy to help and are, as it happens just down the road from Paperback. 



Dot to Date is it's name

Calendars are often pretty mundane things, so we've combined it with one of our favourite childhood activities, dot to dot.  Dot each day to the next however you like with whatever you like.
The calender is received blank except for the numbered dots that are representative of each day. As the days, weeks and months go by the dots are joined by the user to reveal the London skyline.
The format provides a framework to be used and customised, coloured and scribbled on. As time goes on it becomes a more emotive, personal and unique object. Taking on the personality of the user, becoming more valuable in the process.



Hidden Art Select 2009

This September I'll be launching a product with Hidden Art under their Hidden Art Select brand. 6-8 Designer/Makers have passed the scrutiny of the judging panel and have been selected to design and manufacture a product for this years range.
The product is still in the development stage but It promises to be an original, quirky and curious take on an everyday object.


Kissing Carrots

Another one of our pictures has found it's way onto the Innocent Veg Pot packaging. This time it's the turn of the Kissing Carrots.



Tomato Pacman attacking The Guardian

Our tomato pacman pic (orginally a collaborative project with Holly Cocker for Innocent Drinks) unexpectedly re-appears in The Guardian this week.



100% Design and the Richard Shed Studio

The Richard Shed Studio has been kept busy with the Good Design Manifesto and the Design trail, also for 100% Design.
100 Designers, creatives and industry folk were asked for their response to the question 'what is good design?' Features and spaces were designed around the interior and exterior of Earls court which carried these quotes or emphisised the idea of topical discussion.



Stars, stars, stars.

1140 Marmoleum stars, 4 litres of evostick and only 2 glue induced halucinations later, this years 100% Design awards are finished.
For the second year Richard Shed was invited to design the awards, this time sponsored by Forbo. Each award contains 76 water-jet cut marmoleum stars, all glued together at a 45ยบ angle to show off each of the coloured layers.



Innocent Commission

I recently joined forces with Holly Cocker to take part in a competition set by Innocent Drinks. They needed some quirky, original photography for the packaging oftheir new Veg Pot. Look out for our retro gaming inspired, tomato pacman pic printed on the inside of the sleeve.




Work seems to be mounting as I've started to help Philippe Malouin (a friend of mine I met at Tom Dixon) with a few of his projects and Richard Shed is becoming busier with lots of work to do for 100%.
Phillipe has been invited by Traffic (the guys behind Intersections magazine) to take part in a travelling exhibition revolving around the new VW Scirocco and it's launch.




The last month or so have been taken up by personal projects and working with Richard Shed as a Junior Designer. One of those personal projects has been the London on Tap competition. Using this as a starting point, I'll be working with some industry folk over the next few weeks to perfect the carafe design to a producable standard and also explore the possibility of designing/producing matching tumblers.



Bye bye TD

An exciting 4 month internship with Tom Dixon ended. It was a rewarding finish to my time there to see Flame (a project I was heavily involved in) exhibited at Sudeley Castle.